Ocean Club Grande Dunes Weddings

Carson and Haley exchanged vows at the Ocean Club Grande Dunes Weddings in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Although it was a windy day, the ocean was perfect for these surfers to catch a wave. It was an even better day to say “I do”!

During the ceremony, the officiant re-told Carson and Haley’s journey starting from the very beginning. It doesn’t get much better than this! Pour yourself a glass of wine. {coffee or beverage of your choice}, and get a tissue ready to wipe away happy tears. Enjoy their incredible love story!

Carson & Haley first met through a mutual friend. Haley was training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a friend of hers brought a few friends to a training session at the gym. One of those friends just happened to be Carson’s roommate!

Ocean Club Grande Dunes Weddings

Eventually Carson and Haley met in person in September 2016.  But, sadly Carson was scheduled to leave for JRTC {he’s a badass Army guy} just three days after they met. The couple decided that they would keep in touch through texting and calling while Carson was away for training. When Carson returned in late October they had their first official date. But it wasn’t a typical first date. Heath and Mary {Haley’s parents} were not about to let their daughter go anywhere with a young man without their approval. They decided to have their first official date at the Brown family dinner table. I asked Carson if that made him nervous and he said “honestly no” both Haley and Carson said that little Presley {Haley’s little sister and the most adorable flower girl}.

Their love for one another was ignited from day one and has grown with intensity ever since. I asked Haley what she loved most about Carson and she said, “His genuineness…. I love that he doesn’t let his ego get in the way of who he truly is and that’s very uncommon with most men, especially guy in the military.” When I asked Carson he said “he admired her because of her purity”

As their relationship progressed, Carson and Haley were hanging out at Haley’s parent’s house, and everyone knew he liked to prod and poke to get a ride out of people. Haley warned him that if he was going to talk shop with her dad, two things were OFF Limits: Don’t say anything negative about Corvettes or Elvis… that’s a one-way ticket out of the Brown Family.

While at the house, Carson and Mr. Brown went to the garage to chat. Haley of course thought they were talking shop, but Carson had bigger plans. They had planned a 2 week trip to the California to meet Carson’s family and he wanted to get Haley’s dad’s permission to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage before they left. Of course, even though it’s extremely difficult for any father to give up his first daughter, he consented.

Haley was able to meet Carson’s family shortly there, and they spent much time taking in the west coast.

While just outside on Monterey, to show Haley the tide pools there on the beach, Carson asked a stranger if he would take their photo, which seemed off to Haley because Carson does not like photos.

He secretly told the man to video what was about to happen. So there on Pismo Beach, wading in  a tide pool on a cold December day, Carson got down on one knee, and when Haley turned to look at him.

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He pulled the ring box out of his jacket and opened it, and the ring flew about a foot into the air! And out of the ring box and landed in the tide pool! He said, “I was in such a panic that I didn’t even get to ask her to marry me completely!!!” But luckily, it was a ring in the center of the tide pool. It was glistening in the light, so he grabbed it, and after, both of them settled down from laughing! Carson asked for her hand in marriage, and she said YES!!!!!!!!!

See, I told you to have a tissue ready {I’m not crying, you’re crying}! It was a privilege to photograph Caron and Haley’s beautiful wedding. These are some of my favorite pictures that captured their special day.

And Carson, thank you for your service!


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