Details at Litchfield Golf Club Wedding
Details at Litchfield Golf Club Wedding

Litchfield Golf Wedding

Litchfield Golf Wedding. In the picturesque setting of Litchfield Golf & Country Club in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. Chelsea and Trevor embarked on a journey of love and commitment. Creating a celebration that resonated with intimacy and elegance. Often referred to as “The Hidden Jewel of the Lowcountry.” This venue held profound significance for Chelsea. As it was the very place where she spent her formative years.

Choosing to weave a touch of destination magic into their nuptials, the couple opted for an intimate affair, turning their wedding into a destination celebration. Chelsea’s journey to this momentous day began with a spontaneous move from South Carolina to Utah in 2015. Fate intervened when she joined OpenEdge in March of the same year. Where Trevor also worked, albeit on a different team. Their paths crossed casually in the office, and it wasn’t until Chelsea returned from a missionary venture in December 2016 that their connection deepened.

Litchfield Golf + Club Weddings

Reconnecting after Chelsea’s return, the couple officially embarked on their journey with a date on March 2, 2017. Inseparable from that moment onward, Trevor proposed in a serene campfire setting on August 28, 2018, commemorating their one-year anniversary.

In the bride’s own words. “Things I love about Trevor…” All in all, Chelsea admires Trevor’s genuine kindness, non-judgmental nature. And compassionate spirit, carrying single dollars to aid those in need. His strong relationship with God inspires him to serve others, making Chelsea’s happiness his priority. He encourages her to strive for greatness, pushing her to pursue a promotion she initially doubted, embodying the belief that they make each other better every day.

The theme of their wedding was crafted around intimacy and romance. With Chelsea donning a Moonlight Bridal gown from Prichett Bridal in Orem, UT. Mandi from Cut Bang Blow styled her hair, while Annie Watts orchestrated the wedding as the planner. Family friends contributed beautiful flowers, Tina from “Nothing but Cakes” created delightful cupcakes, and the venue, Litchfield Golf & Country Club, provided the perfect backdrop for this tale of love and elegance. Each element came together seamlessly to create a celebration that not only marked their union but also reflected the depth of their love story.

Dress : Moonlight Bridal purchased at Prichett Bridal in Orem, UT || Hair : Mandi from Cut Bang Blow || Wedding Planner : Annie Watts || Flowers : Family Friend || Cupcakes : Tina from “Nothing but Cakes” || Venue : Litchfield Golf & Country Club – Photographer Hannah Ruth Photography