Rainbow Row Charleston Engagement Session
Rainbow Row Charleston Engagement Session

Charleston Engagement Session

Yahoo!! – The first 2018 Charleston Engagement Session — #success!! Downtown Charleston Engagement Session – I had the chance to meet Kendal and Liam for the first time at their session last week in beautiful downtown Charleston and we immediately hit it off!!! (Thanks to my very good friend, AKA the couples Dog sitter for the night — Brittany!!!) Kendal and Liam’s love for each other shows in all these images, and i’m so so excited!!

Downtown Charleston has so many beautiful colors… so dreamy! Kendal and Liam were so joyfully in love! They didn’t need me posing them in order to show their affection & love, even when my camera was down!

In 2014, Kendal was team captain of the kickball team and her friend Laurel asked if Liam could join the team (She had no idea who he was so she said “sure! the more single, cute guys – the better.” So Liam joined and they didn’t date at all during the whole season. Then afterwards they started talking on gchat and he had tickets to a Taking Back Sunday concert and asked if some friends and Kendal wanted to go (just as friends).  Then, Liam kissed Kendal as she was leaving – completely caught her off guard!!!! The couple started hanging out with each other every day since……. and here we are today!!!

In November of 2014 – Kendal moved to Charlotte (she had already planned on doing this before they started dating). Then, in February of 2015, Liam moved to Charleston to be closer to Kendal and in December of 2015 Kendal moved to Charleston to be with the love of her life!!

Downtown Charleston Engagement Session

The couple is getting married in Charleston because it’s “their” place. They moved to Charleston together and it means a lot to them. It’s where they started their journey together that didn’t include any one else or any other location that either one of them had already lived! The couple is now buying a house in Charleston and making it their forever home! I CANT WAIT to share this special day with these two!!!!!!

Photographer Hannah Ruth Photography