Hidden Acres, Marion SC | Charity & Kevin get Married

Charity and Kevin are officially official!

Hidden Acres was the backdrop of this rustic and relaxed wedding. Charity raved about the charm and southern hospitality of this countryside venue. It was exactly the look and feel this fun couple wanted for their special day.

Garnet, navy and gold were sprinkled throughout all the wedding details. Not only are these fall colors gorgeous, they have meaning too! Garnet was selected because Kevin is a University of South Carolina alumni. Navy blue represented the couple’s blue line family {police}. Gold represented their engagement and wedding rings! Cotton was incorporated into the decor because it reminded the bride of her childhood. The cotton used on her wedding day came from her father’s field! How amazing and thoughtful is that?

Guests savored a delicious and farm fresh dinner at the reception. The food was expertly catered by Rebecca McArthur and McArthur Farms nestled in Bennettsville, South Carolina.

From the Bride:

“I’ve loved Kevin from the first time I heard his voice on the phone. I love Kevin for his calming presence, his humbleness, and his ability to make everyone fall in love with him. Kevin has a way of making everyone his friend, and loving him. He’s seen me fail, picked me back up, and loved me even more. I’m so lucky he chose me to marry him!”

From the Groom:

I love Charity for many reasons. I love Charity because she’s kind, soft hearted, and forgiving. I love Charity because she thinks of others before herself, and she’s always trying to help. But most of all, I love Charity because she doesn’t like the dark meat so I get all the drumsticks to myself.

Something to Remember Wedding Productions | Florist & Wedding Planner : Rebecca McArthur | Cake : Melba Honney | DJ : DJ Wayne Cribb | Hair & Makeup Artist : Heather Sloan | Dress : The Foxy Lady  | Venue : Hidden Acres, Marion SC