Bride on balcony Weddings Ocean Isle Beach
Bride on balcony Weddings Ocean Isle Beach

Weddings Ocean Isle Beach. In the enchanting embrace of the year 2015, Noel and Cory embarked on a journey that would last a lifetime. Their love story unfolded on a magical New Year’s Eve. A night that not only marked the beginning of a new year but the start of their forever.

The Elegant Affair at Memory Maker:

Choosing the opulent beachfront estate, Memory Maker, as their wedding venue. Noel and Cory set the stage for an intimate and luxurious celebration. Nestled in the serene and peaceful surroundings of Ocean Isle Beach. This property became the perfect canvas for their love story. The couple sought to create a getaway experience for their guests. And Memory Maker, with its elegant charm and ideal location, became the natural choice.

Vows by the Ocean:

Against the backdrop of the private beach, Noel and Cory exchanged their vows surrounded by the love and warmth of close family and friends. The brisk salty air mingled with the radiant sunshine, casting a glow on their love-filled ceremony. Noel, a vision of grace, walked down the sandy aisle accompanied by her two sisters, bridesmaids, and the adorable flower girl, Miss Penelope. The moment was nothing short of magical, capturing the essence of a love that would endure the test of time.

A Father-Daughter Bond: Weddings Ocean Isle Beach

One of the most profound moments of the day unfolded during the first look between Noel and her father. Their special bond, evident in the shared glances and emotions, added a touch of sentimental beauty to the day. Even as a married woman, Noel would forever be her father’s little girl. A testament to the enduring connection that transcends the passage of time.

Feasting and Celebration:

The celebration continued on the property’s lush lawn, offering breathtaking views of the sand dunes and ocean waves. ART Catering treated guests to delicious hors d’oeuvres and creative shooters, adding a culinary delight to the festivities. Globaltruth Entertainment kept the energy alive. And under the stars, guests danced away, creating memories that would linger in their hearts.

Words from the Bride:

Reflecting on their journey, Noel shared, “From concert trips to hurricane evacuations, to Key West vacations, we always have the best times when we’re together. He’s my best friend!” Her words echoed the sentiment of a love that thrives in the simplicity of shared moments and the profound connection of being each other’s confidant and companion.

A Forever Unveiled: Ocean Isle Beach Wedding Photography

As Noel and Cory embraced the beginning of their forever, their New Year’s Eve wedding at Memory Maker became more than a celebration—it was a magical unfolding of a love story that would stand the test of time. With the ocean as their witness and the stars as their backdrop, the couple embarked on a journey filled with joy, laughter, and the promise of countless adventures ahead. Cheers to Noel and Cory, may your love continue to shine as brightly as the New Year’s Eve night that brought you together.

Wedding Venue : The Memory Maker OIB  Wedding Planner : Upstaged Interiors and Events  Wedding Video : The List Productions, LLC Wedding Flowers :  David Bryant Designer Wedding Cake : Incredible Edibles Bakery DJ and Uplighting : Globaltruth Entertainment Makeup : Mary Chestnut Wedding Dress : Coastal Knot Bridal Boutique Catering : ART Catering & Events Venue Contact : Luxury Lodging by Laura

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