Winter Wedding Marina Inn
Winter Wedding Marina Inn

Winter Wedding Marina Inn

Alex and Tyler’s long-awaited moment has finally arrived—they are now happily married. The day was nothing short of magical, set against the enchanting backdrop of a Winter Wedding at the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes. Winter Wedding Marina Inn!

Their love story began at the tender age of 13, marked by an instant connection that would shape their destinies. The serendipity unfolded when Alex’s mom! the Booster Club President. She was tasked with hiring a coach for the local team. And fate led her to also choose Tyler’s dad. A casual cookout at Alex’s house a few days later became the genesis of a love story that spanned an incredible 13 years.

Winter Wedding Marina Inn

Opting for the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes for their reception. The couple found the perfect venue for their indoor December wedding. The elegant surroundings were a reflection of the sophistication they desired for their special day.

Both bride and groom were alumni of Coastal Carolina University. Also where they were actively involved in campus life. Fostering a close-knit circle of friends. Tyler, a formidable First Baseman. Also played a pivotal role in the 2016 NCAA Division I College World Series baseball team. The camaraderie extended beyond the field. with teammates and coaches joining the celebration to honor their fellow team member.

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The dance floor bore witness to the joyous festivities! With loved ones coming together to revel in the union of Alex and Tyler! It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the sweet harmony of celebration.

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Wedding Invitations : Charlotte & Lily LLC | Wedding Planner : Memorable Moments | Venue : Marina Inn at The Grande Dunes | Rentals : Event Works | Floral : RSG Event Designs |

Hair & Makeup : Bobby Pins & Blushing Brides | Photo Booth : Shutter booth | Video : Hart to Heart Media | DJ & Uplighting : Dj Scott and Company | Cake: Incredible Edibles | Transportation : Carolina Limousine

As the Winter Wedding unfolded at the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes. Every moment was also infused with the essence of Alex and Tyler’s extraordinary journey. Their love was kindled at the age of 13. It also had weathered the passage of time and blossomed into a profound connection that culminated in the joyous occasion of their marriage.

The choice of the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes as the venue for their reception was a testament to their discerning taste. The indoor setting. Also adorned with elegance, it provided the ideal backdrop for their December celebration, casting a magical ambiance over the festivities.

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Both Alex and Tyler shared a chapter of their lives at Coastal Carolina University, where their love story continued to flourish. Immersed in campus life, they cultivated lasting friendships within a tight-knit community. Tyler, a standout First Baseman, had left an indelible mark as part of the 2016 NCAA Division I College World Series baseball team. The wedding became a reunion of sorts, as teammates and coaches joined the revelry, celebrating not only a marriage but also the bonds forged on the baseball diamond.

The dance floor was aglow with the warmth of celebration. Also witnessed a cascade of joy as friends and family commemorated the union of Alex and Tyler. Laughter and love echoed through the air. Also, it created a tapestry of memories that would forever be etched in the hearts of all who attended. It was a day of not just exchanging vows but also celebrating a love story that had endured and flourished over the years.

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