Bride and Groom portraits on wedding day
Bride and Groom portraits on wedding day

In the age of digital connections. Tim and Emily’s love story began with a simple swipe right. A modern twist to the classic tale of two hearts finding each other. Having experienced the complexities of failed marriages and relationships, they cautiously approached this new chapter. Little did they know, this would also be the love story that would redefine their happily ever after. WildHorse Parker Farms Wedding!

The WildHorse at Parker Farms. A Perfect Setting Choosing the right venue for their wedding day was a crucial decision for Tim and Emily. As fate would have it. The owner of the WildHorse at Parker Farms, fondly known as Ace. Also instantly reminded Emily of her father.—A good old country boy. This connection was enough to convince Emily that this was the place she envisioned exchanging vows. Beyond sentimental reasons. The WildHorse at Parker Farm offered a picturesque farm in Longs, SC. Also a team of fantastic staff and owners. And a charming bridal suite that added a touch of magic to the day. It was love at first sight with both the venue and the man of her dreams.

WildHorse Parker Farms Wedding

The Disney Touch: For Tim, Emily, and their children, Disney held a special place in their hearts. Infusing a bit of Disney magic into their wedding day, the couple added subtle touches that reflected their shared love for the enchanting world of Disney. From details in the decor to the overall theme, the wedding resonated with the joy and whimsy associated with Disney. As a testament to their commitment to family, the newlyweds embarked on a honeymoon to Disney, leaving behind the responsibilities of parenthood for a short while—a well-deserved break for the couple.

The Unveiling of Characters: While Tim was a familiar face due to his long-time connection with the photographer’s husband, getting to know Emily became a delightful journey. Described as positive, beautiful, and energetic, Emily’s vibrant personality added an extra layer of joy to the wedding celebrations. The connection forged during this special day made the photographer feel like a part of the family, turning the task of capturing moments into a cherished experience.

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Tim and Emily’s wedding day was not just a celebration of love but also a journey that intertwined past and present. Family and new beginnings. The WildHorse at Parker Farms provided the perfect canvas for their love story. While the Disney theme and magical touches added a whimsical charm. As they ventured into the next chapter of their lives. Tim and Emily’s wedding day became a tapestry of memories, laughter, and love. Also a testament to the enduring power of love stories that begin with a simple swipe right. Here’s to Tim, Emily, and their fantastic family, may their love story continue to unfold with joy and countless more magical moments. Cheers!

Venue: WildHorse at Parker Farms, Longs, SC | Cake: Buttercream Cakes and Catering | Floral: Lowcountry Blossoms. Holly Meyer | Hair- Ashley King. Makeup- Kaitlyn Shader | Catering: Crystal with WildHorse at Parker Farms | Officiant- Erica Hines | DJ: Four Star Entertainment- Steve Perkins

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