Wedding days at Pawleys Planation bride and groom
Wedding days at Pawleys Planation bride and groom

Weddings Pawleys Plantation

Weddings Pawleys Plantation. In a world where love stories unfold in countless ways, Shannon and Dan’s tale stands out as a beautiful reflection of love, service, and a touch of serendipity. Both hailing from families deeply rooted in public service. Shannon as a nurse and Dan as a firefighter. Their commitment to making their community healthier and safer is evident in every aspect of their lives.

A Match Made by Dads:

Basically, love finds its way into our lives through unexpected avenues. For Shannon and Dan, it was a blind date set up by their fathers that led to a storybook romance. Their paths crossed during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. And from the moment they met, it was clear that this was something special. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and what started as a blind date quickly blossomed into a deep and genuine love.

A Rustic Celebration of Love:

Against the backdrop of Pawleys Plantation, Shannon and Dan exchanged heartfelt vows. Surrounded by the warmth of their closest family and friends. The simplicity and romance of their wedding style perfectly mirrored their genuine personalities. The color palette of plum, ivory, and pops of gold, illuminated by candlelight. This created an atmosphere that was not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

Lucy, the Flower Girl and Groom’s niece, added a touch of adorable charm to the celebration. Almost stealing the show with her cuteness. The couple’s commitment to ensuring their guests felt welcomed and had a wonderful time was evident in every detail. Making the day a true reflection of their love for one another and their community.

A Unique Reception with Pipes and Drums: Weddings Pawleys Plantation

The uniqueness of Shannon and Dan’s celebration extended to the reception, where pipes and drums filled the air with a melody of tradition and service. The New York Shields Pipes and Drum Band, comprised of retired NYPD police officers, played a significant role. As a nod to their shared history, the Coastal Carolina Shields Pipes and Drum Band, featuring retired or active first responders, created a memorable experience for everyone present.

From Shannon: “Our fathers, retired NYPD officers, moved down to the area after retirement. The Coastal Carolina Shields Pipes and Drum Band, comprised of retired or active first responders, plays at various events, including weddings and first responder funerals. We know how lucky we are, and we don’t want to take anything for granted. Life may not always be perfect, but with each other by our side, we navigate the ups and downs with gratitude and love.”

A Blessed Life Together:

All in all, In the midst of their journey, Shannon and Dan express gratitude for the life they share. Their understanding of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing each moment is a testament to their deep connection. As they embark on this journey called marriage, their love story becomes an inspiration for embracing the ups and downs with resilience, gratitude. And the unwavering belief that having each other is the greatest blessing of all.

Venue : Pawleys Plantation | Wedding Planner & Flower Design : Annie Marie Graham | Cake : Nothing but Cakes | DJ : Dj Scott & Company | Hair and Makeup: Dana Ashley | Dress : Little White Dress | Officiant : Simple Wedding Day LLC | Video : Anchor Films | More Hannah Ruth Weddings HERE!

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