Include your dog in your photos
Include your dog in your photos

Weddings at SunnySide Plantations

Greta & Nick are getting married – Weddings at SunnySide Plantations! I am so happy that I will have the pleasure of photographing these two stunning individuals! On the biggest day of their life! These two will  be getting married at ST. Andrews Catholic Church. Then they will have their reception at the beautiful Sunnyside Plantation Myrtle Beach. (Murrells Inlet) !! South Carolina on October 17, 2015! Congrats to the both of you! 

This couple is outgoing , spontanious and will drink their champaign out of any glass! They love there kids (their dogs!!!!!!) and I am just so excited to spend these special moments with them ! Weddings at SunnySide Plantations is just perfect for the sweet couple!


Sunnyside Plantation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, stands as a hidden gem for couples seeking a wedding venue! It effortlessly combines southern charm with coastal allure. The historic plantation, adorned with stately oak trees and surrounded by lush gardens. It provides a romantic and picturesque backdrop for exchanging vows. The charming antebellum architecture of Sunnyside Plantation adds a touch of timeless elegance to every celebration! creating an atmosphere that is both intimate and enchanting. With its serene ambiance and versatile event spaces, this venue offers couples the flexibility to curate their dream wedding, whether it’s an outdoor ceremony under the shade of the oaks or a reception looking over the marsh walk!

Sunnyside Plantation in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to capturing the beauty and essence of a Sunnyside Plantation wedding, entrusting the task to Hannah Ruth Photography is the way to ensure your special day is immortalized with unmatched artistry. Hannah Ruth’s expertise in showcasing the unique details and emotional moments of weddings is unparalleled. Her keen eye for composition and the ability to weave narratives through her lens make her the ideal choice for couples seeking not just photographs but timeless memories. With Hannah Ruth as your photographer, the charm of Sunnyside Plantation becomes a visual symphony, capturing the love, joy, and beauty of your wedding day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!