Myrtle Beach Photographer Hannah Ruth || Grande Dunes Myrtle Beach

Tina and Scott are having a BABY GIRL!! I couldn’t be more excited for Sophia to arrive… She is going to be loved by SO many people, especially her Mom & Dad….. <3 Tina herself is a Princess, so I cant imagine how amazing this little girl will be!!! #PRINCESS !! ekkk!!! i love it!!!!!!! 

This beautiful baby shower was AMAZING! Scotts Mom cooked the majority of food, and it was SOOOO yummy….. Yes I had THREE helpings!!!! And it tasted soooooo good!!!  Tina’s mom was the sweetest lady ever, and I see why Tina is the way she is!! Sweet, innocent & beautiful!! 

Tina, being 32 WEEKS was GLOWING!!!! I could go on and on about this beautiful shower but I would like for you all of you to see it for yourselves…!!! <3 Thank you Tina & Scott and both ya’lls families for making me feel like part of the family!!!!!! You have a lot of good times coming! πŸ™‚

Flowers by : Dave master designer.