Surfer Couple Goals
Surfer Couple Goals

Surfer Couple Goals . Dive into the sun-kissed world of Jake and Kirby. A couple whose love story unfolds like the perfect wave. Captured through the lens of Myrtle Beach Photographer Hannah Ruth. Their engagement shoot radiates warmth, love, and the unmistakable charm of surfer couple goals. From kindergarten classmates to soulmates riding the waves together. Jake and Kirby’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of love.

Kindergarten Connections Who would have thought that a kindergarten class could be the starting point of a lifelong connection!? Jake and Kirby’s story traces back to those early years when they shared the same classroom, neighborhood, and school. Kirby humorously recalls Jake’s popularity, contrasting it with her own less recognized status. Little did they know that destiny had a beautiful plan in store for them.

Surfer Couple Goals

The Surfing Connection Fast forward to July 2020. The moment when Kirby reached out to Jake, discovering their shared passion for surfing. A spark ignited, and the couple decided to meet in Garden City Beach, SC. Where they spent an entire day riding the waves together. The ocean became the canvas for their blossoming romance. Setting the stage for a love story deeply intertwined with the sea.

All in all, The Hand-Painted Proposal Jake’s proposal to Kirby was nothing short of extraordinary! The hand-painted surfboard. A unique and thoughtful symbol of their shared love for the ocean, became the vessel for a commitment that would last a lifetime. A true embodiment of surfer couple goals. The proposal added a touch of creativity and personalization to their love story.

Engagement Photos on the beach

Words from the Bride to Be In Kirby’s own words, their love story is more than just a romantic connection. It’s a reflection of Jake’s embodiment of Jesus’ love and grace on earth. She expresses gratitude for finding a notebook from second grade where she had innocently written about going to McDonald’s with Jake. The irony and cuteness of that childhood note add a whimsical touch to their journey.

Beach Love Affair For Jake and Kirby, the beach is not just a destination. It’s a sacred space where they feel closest to God. Their love story unfolded against the backdrop of sandy shores, with the majority of their cherished moments spent by the sea. From Jake’s heartfelt confession of love to the beachside proposal, the couple’s connection with the ocean is woven into the very fabric of their relationship.

All in all, A Beachside Wedding With their love story deeply rooted in beachside memories, Jake and Kirby decided that their journey would come full circle with a beachside wedding. The waves that witnessed their love would now witness their union, creating a poetic symmetry to their narrative. It’s a celebration of love that began with the crashing waves and now continues with the promise of a shared future.

All in all, As Jake and Kirby embark on the journey towards marriage, their story serves as an inspiration to all who believe in the magic of love. From kindergarten classmates to beachside soulmates, their tale is a reminder that love can find its way into our lives in the most unexpected and beautiful ways. Additionally, Here’s to Jake and Kirby!! May your love continue to ride the waves of joy, laughter, and endless adventures. 🌊💑 #SurferCoupleGoals #BeachsideLoveStory #JakeAndKirby

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