Surfer Couple Goals | Myrtle Beach Photographer Hannah Ruth

Surfer Couple Goals | Myrtle Beach Photographer Hannah Ruth

I couldn’t help but share this beautiful engagement shoot from last week !! How cute are they !!

Jake and Kirby’s story actually begins in Kindergarten !! Yes, thats right.. they were in the same kindergarten class… lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same school their entire lives… Kirby likes to say Jake was popular and well.. she wasn’t … {but I don’t see how that is possible!}

It wasn’t until July of 2020 that Kirby reached out to Jake after noticing he had the same passion for surfing as she did.. and well, the rest is history !! The couple met in Garden City Beach, SC and surfed the entire day together !

P.S. Make sure to check out the hand painted board Jake proposed too Kirby with …. I mean come on !!!!!! 

 Words from the Bride to be :

” It was an amazing day .. he invited me to a church conference that weekend and we have been together ever since, he is a pure example of Jesus’ love and grace here on earth. I thank God for allowing me to love him. Recently, I found a notebook from my second grade english class (me and Jake had this class together when we were 7-ish years old) and in the notebook I wrote “Jake and I will go to McDonalds on Friday!” which is so ironic and so cute. I can also remember saying my prayers as a little girl and praying for Jake. He is truly the man I have prayed for and the man Jesus picked for me. We both LOVE the beach. I say it all the time, I feel closest to God when I am on the beach. It is my happy place. Jake and I also met on the beach and have spent the majority of our time together at the beach, it is also where he told me he loved me for the first time, and proposed to me. So it only felt right to get married on the beach ! “

I mean how does this not make you smile?!?! I cannot wait to see you guys in just a short few weeks…. lets do this !!!!!!

Such a cute Engagement Session