Surf Golf and Beach Club Wedding | North Myrtle Beach | Brianna & Stephen 2017

Brianna and Stephen selected the Surf Golf and Beach Club located in North Myrtle Beach as their wedding venue. Stephens family has been vacationing in the area since Stephen was a kid and it was the perfect fit! Golf has played a big role in Stephen’s life which made the golf course in the back a big plus!! Brianna began to vacation with Stephen and his family when they started dating and instantly fell in love with the beach.

In Stephens’ words: “I knew I loved Brianna very early on in our relationship. I even came up with a saying that allowed me to say “I love you” without scaring her away. Whenever we would talk I would always end the conversation with “You’re the best!” I thought I was being slick and expressing my love without her knowing, little did I know she caught on quickly. Apparently she didn’t mind because she would respond by saying “no, you’re the best!” She told me later that she knew exactly what I was doing. Like I said, this started very early in our relationship and it didn’t take me long to know that she will be called Mrs. Wood one day. Being with Brianna gives me an indescribable feeling that I knew I couldn’t live without.” 

What did the couple say??? 

… “The wedding was amazing! We’ve had discussions this week about it and we both agree we wouldn’t change a single thing (except for some of my dance moves…). Everything was exactly what we wanted! The minister, the setting, the venue, the food, the band, and of course the photographer! My favorite part of the whole day was the first look. The anticipation of seeing my bride was unbelievable. It was so amazing being able to share that moment with her before friends and family started arriving. It was so nice to both be able to take a deep breath and take in everything then be joined by our families and wedding parties. 

The beach has always been our “happy place”! Since I started dating Stephen his family has had a place in North Myrtle Beach.. 5 years ago when we started dating they were in the process of moving from their condo to their beach house that was being built that his mom designed. They were all SO excited to have their dream home at the beach and it was even more rewarding since his mom had put all of her special touches on everything. They welcomed me with open arms into their brand new beach house and it became one of most favorite things to do! It is so nice to get away from the business of work and home and just come down to the beach and just relax even if only for a short weekend and it became one of our favorite things to do as a family! Early on I felt a part of Stephen’s family even though it wasn’t official yet they made me feel as if it was. Their beach house is maybe 2 min away from the Surf Club which they are members at and golf is huge in Stephen’s family.. that along with the beauty of the golf course made this the perfect setting for our wedding!”

How did the couple meet??

“Two of our best friends introduced me to Stephen (one of his groomsmen and one of my bridesmaids and they’re actually getting married in Dec.. funny how life works out!) I met my friend Breanna at UNC my freshman year and we immediately clicked.. once she started dating Isaac (Stephens best friend) she wanted me to go to an event with her in Siler City (their home town) so I went to hang out with Bre! I was told I needed to be “Stephens date” in order to go to the dinner at the club so I met him that day out on the golf course.. he called me “pretty eyes” the first time he saw me and I honestly think he captured my heart at that moment. Bre spent most of the night with Isaac so Stephen was basically stuck with my since I did not know another sole at this party.. and he knew everyoneee but he introduced me to everyone and made sure I was having a great time.. I even met his family that night. We had dinner/drinks and danced and laughed and made memories that night that I will never forget and after that night I had a HUGE crush on him and just hoped he would call me.. and a few weeks later.. he did 🙂 Early in our relationship he would drive 45 min on a week day just to take me out to dinner in Chapel Hill and then drive right back home.. he has always been such a gentleman.. my friends started calling him my “constant dinner date” until we made our relationship official on Oct 22 2012. From there our love just grew and I knew early on that he was the man I wanted to spend forever with. I can’t think of a flaw when it comes to Stephen and I have never felt more loved.. our relationship has always just been easy. He proposed to me in Charleston (in front of the pineapple water fountain which is my favorite! – hence the pineapple theme for the wedding invites and other paper products) the weekend that we were celebrating our 4 years.. he proposed the minute we arrived in Charleston (seriously, the truck was still hot) and I was completely ecstatic! It was Oct 21st and since Oct was already so special to us we both knew we wanted that date for our wedding since it fell on a Sat this year! It worked our perfectly that the Surf Club was available for that day and so were you! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing! I think the best moment of the day was our first look.. or even the anticipation leading up to it. I was emotional sitting in the room waiting to see my groom for the first time but it was only happy tears.. I was in a room with my best friends and my mom and I was about to say I do to the man of my dreams.. I can’t think of a better moment! I only wish we could’ve snuck Skye in there for the first look too 🙂 The journey, the wedding, the honeymoon has all been a dream come true but what I’m most excited about is starting my life as Mrs. Wood and knowing that I have the most amazing man by my side for the rest of my life.. I can’t wait to spend forever with Stephen!”


Wedding Venue : Surf Golf and Beach Club || Invitations & Paper Goods : Charlotte & Lily LLC  ||Wedding/ Event Planner : Stunning & Brilliant LLC || Cake : Caroline’s Cakes || Flowers : Bartee’s Flowers || Rentals : Event Works || Band : Black Water Rhythm & Blues Band || Ceremony Music : Duo-Shirley || Hair & Makeup : Jessica Brantley || Officiant : Tito Madrazo || Catering/Bar : Deneen Surf Club || Photo booth : ShutterBooth || Videography : Anchor Films ||