Southern Wedding Traditions | Myrtle Beach South Carolina Photographer

Working with Bride and Groom, Brooke & Steven, has been a very interesting Journey for me! I was born and raised In Massachusetts… not the South, so this is all so fun, “crazy” & amazing to me!!

Brooke is your all around Southern Girl.. I mean SOUTHERN! The first time I met her, I fell in love with her southern ways. Her love for others, animals, and especially Steven makes my heart warm. Steven and Brooke met at a dog park in Myrtle Beach, SC and it was all uphill from there! 

The Venue these two picked for their wedding day is something special…. Its where Brooke grew up, her childhood home & farm. {Lockhaven Farm} Brooke’s family has owned the property for more than 20 years, and it has always been her dad’s dream for her to get married there… She’s deff a daddy’s girl… sweet right? Yeah.. it gets sweeter!!!!

Brooke’s fiance & father have been working their tails off to build Brooke her dream Venue, and Brooke knows what she likes/want… I kind of feel bad for these two… {Kidding.. she’s not THAT bad… } Watching two men build, design, and create this venue is so special. After hearing about the barn for months now, I was finally able to make the trip into the country of SC and check it out… WOW… Unbelievable! The rustic, memorable & unique land is perfect for a southern wedding. I cant wait, 30 days!

So this is a perfect example of one of the crazy things these southerns do! 🙂 

This Southern Wedding Tradition is called : Burying the Bourbon. This tradition was created to keep the rain away!! & let me tell you… Brooke will do ANYTHING to keep the rain away on her wedding day!! This Tradition must be done exactly one month before your wedding day… The bottle must be completely FULL, and must be buried upside down to ensure there will be no bad weather on your wedding day!! We actually added a fun twist in the tradition and buried it at the exact area they will share their vows with one another… 🙂

Rain or not.. the bottle must be dug up on your special day and enjoyed by the two of you!! Im sure that wont be a problem for these two!!

Check out these beautiful pictures of Brooke and Steve “Burying the Bourbon”.. and stay connected so you can view pics of the beautiful venue & couple when they tie the knot! 🙂