Wedding Day Details
Wedding Day Details

Preparing for the Photographer on Your Big Day!

Wedding day details to have ready for your photographer!

Are you overwhelmed by the never-ending list of details to prepare for your wedding day? Firstly, you’re not alone – After all, we’ve all been there. But remember one of the most important elements of your big day – photos!

Wedding day is here, and you are ready to say ‘I do’ in front of your loved ones. But make sure that when the photographer arrives, you’ve got all the details ready for them to photograph. You don’t want to be worrying about it when that special moment comes!

You need to make sure that you have everything set up perfectly for when your wedding photographer arrives so they can capture wonderful memories for you and your love, but how do you know what needs to be done beforehand? Don’t despair, because in this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to make sure all the little details are out of the way before they arrive! Saying “Cheese!” will take on a whole new meaning as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So let’s get started – it’s time to become an expert prepper, all in all, let’s spend more time enjoying the moment instead of getting flustered with forgetting any last-minute necessities.

  1. RINGS!

    Remember to set aside the three rings for your wedding photographer, whether its a simple gold band or an extravagant diamond engagement ring, you want to ensure that these beautiful jewelry pieces are featured in your wedding photos. As any good photographer knows, having the groom’s ring, the bride’s engagement ring, and your wedding band ready for the shoot will ensure that your memories of this special moment are captured in all their beauty!

    Don’t forget to give your wedding rings a good polish – After all, it’s all about the little details – So, go ahead and make sure it shines!
Wedding day details - shine those rings!

2. DRESS, SHOES, VEIL {And florals if possible!}

Don’t forget to fluff up your dress! You want it to look as voluminous and glamorous as possible so you can get the best photos. Have your accessories ready – shoes, veil, flowers – all arranged neatly for when the photographer arrives. Remember to make sure your hanger is looking its best too! After all, it’s the first thing that guests will see in your photos. {Get rid of that cheap plastic one!} Make sure it looks super dapper for the perfect wedding day shot. Get ready to say “I do” in style! Keep those fancy, expensive shoes nice and clean for photos.

Wedding day details


After all the time and effort put into creating wedding invitations, save the dates, and vow books, it is essential to have them photographed! Beautiful photos of these items capture a particular moment in a couple’s life that they can forever look back on. It doesn’t matter if they are small or large, printed or digital; having them professionally photographed is the best way to preserve these memories. So don’t let your hard work go to waste! Plus, they make an excellent spread for your wedding album!

Adding beautiful florals and other accessories to your wedding invitations, save the dates, and vow books can help make these photographs EXTRA stunning! Floral or botanical elements can add texture, depth, and a whimsical feel to any image. Whether you choose a single bloom or an entire bouquet of blooms, it can help draw the eye to certain areas of the photo. Adding small accessories like ribbons, charms, or pearls will also help make your photos special and unique! {Ask your photographer; many photographers have lots of goodies to help you with this!}


Remember to prepare all those special details for your photographer on the big day! From something old, blue, or borrowed…to earrings, necklaces, perfume, and anything else you want to capture in photos. Put them together in a shoe box so your photographer can get to work when they arrive. If you want to make your photos stand out, remember to include florals, cups, and koozies. Your photographer will be so thankful for the extra effort! After all, what’s a wedding without these special touches? Get those details ready and make your photos one-of-a-kind! Scroll down for a more detailed list of everything you need!!

extra wedding day details


Grooms!! This one is for YOU! We love you too! Let’s get your style on! Remember to put together all the accessories for your special day – including fancy shoes you never wear and charmingly scented cologne. Make sure those impressive presents are close by so they can be immortalized in photos forever, too, from dazzling ties that show off your personality to fun socks with a bit of humor. Remember that bottle of your favorite whiskey because even grooms need their moment before they say I DO! Scroll down for a more detailed list of everything you need!!

Brides – everything you need to prep for your wedding photographer before they get there so the photographer can get right to work! 

Rings {all 3, engagement, grooms, wedding band} 

Dress, Shoes, Veil

Invitations, save the dates, vow books

All the Goods! Florals, Something borrowed, new, old and blue – Earrings, necklaces, perfume, gifts, loose florals, letters

BOYS!! I didn’t forget you!!!


Ties, bow ties






Cigars, Whiskey

Don’t forget the extra accessories!

On-site hair and makeup supplies

Veil steamer

Lint roller

Extra bobby pins/hair ties

Umbrellas for those rainy days – just in case! 

Last but not least – plan how you will display your photos when they come back!

Will you have a wall gallery, an album, and prints? Your photographer can help advise on the best way to display your work of art!!

Happy Prepping!

Included in some photos are the following amazing vendors 🙂
Calligraphy + Invitations: Bree More Design | Florals: Royal Decor MB | Photography: Hannah Ruth Photography