Photoshoot for Young Actress

I had such a fun publicity photoshoot for Chandler, the star in an upcoming musical theatre production  “The Light in the Piazza” premiering next summer. She was the runner up for miss South Carolina and like me she is about to graduate from Coastal. We did the photo session at the Market Commons in Myrtle Beach.  She was so cute and fun to work with. Baylor, the young play director, sent me a really nice message about the photos and went into more details about the upcoming play.  I will post his e-mail below.  Please let me know in the comments if you enjoy the pictures! And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook as well. Photoshoot for Young Actress

Message from Baylor: Photoshoot for Young Actress

It’s always been a dream of mine to do musical theatre productions in the summer here. It took me until this time last year to realize that I could do it myself. My original goal was to do a show last summer but I ran out of time. Every single day since then has been spent planning for my production slated for this summer while simultaneously building my theatre company (The Palmetto Players).

After going through hundreds of shows to do, I finally found The Light in the Piazza. A show that I loved and knew that the audiences around here would love. Piazza tells a love story that takes place in 1953 in Italy and with its beautiful music and lyrics. It’s hard not to fall in love with the story itself.

Getting Hannah to shoot this publicity photoshoot gave me a chance to step into the shoes of what I’ll be doing next summer when I was showing my show’s star how to pose or what to do — directing. Hannah showed me photo after photo today and I found myself saying, “This one is so beautiful,” after she showed me each picture until I realized, “They’re all beautiful!” I am forever grateful to Hannah for these wonderful shots and cannot thank her enough — I hope to see her and all of you next summer at The Light in the Piazza, we open July 24 and run for three weeks, more details can be found at