Pawleys Island Church Chapel
Pawleys Island Church Chapel

Pawleys Island Church Chapel

Weddings at Pawleys Island Church Chapel. Kamie & Brian initially met in college in November of 2011 at a mutual friends house party. She saw him walk in the front door and was immediately smitten. He had no recollection of them encountering each other. Not due to alcohol consumption, but rather she didn’t make a lasting impression (Ouch, i know).

After months of failed Facebook stalking attempts they encountered each other again at a bar downtown Columbia in March 2012. Kamie recognized him as the cute guy from months prior and built up the courage to approach him again. Second times apparently a charm because they exchanged phone numbers that night and began dating soon there after!!!

The couple was so fun to work with and deff knew how to throw a PARTY!! By the end of the night everyone was jumping up and down & dancing the night away… Literally!! It was a very Simple and Southern Wedding … and the band was Ahhhhhhhmazing!!

Pawleys Island Church Chapel

Why do we love each other so much? For me, I love how kind hearted Brian is. He would walk on water for someone if it meant it would bring them happiness! Incredibly sweet and genuine! Makes me laugh all the time and we still have the ability to be silly and immature together even after 5.5 years of being together. Brian says he loves how driven i am and how i have the ability to be really goofy yet still serious when need be. He also said i am cute;) We just clicked from day one!

Our love story has seen a lot of trials and tribulations. Yet our determination to love each other has come out on top more times than we can count! We had the perfect relationship in college- we got to see each other everyday and things were great. After graduation Brian received a job offer in CT and had to move but we were not at a place in our relationship for me to go with him. 4 months after his move to CT he got his current job offer in San Francisco, CA. Pawleys Island Church Chapel.

Again, we were not at a place where i would pick up and move out there for him. Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up, we made long distance work across the country at 21 years old for over a year while remaining faithful to each other. We would both take turns flying back and forth to see each other. Instead of being sad about it we just told ourselves it wasn’t permanent and it was an excuse to travel a lot! When i got into grad school in Charleston we knew it was a turning point in our relationship. We made the decision for him to move here. The stars aligned for us and he was able to continue his current job remotely.

I owe being able to go back to school to him. If it were not for his constant support and encouragement we would not be where we are today!

Our wedding was very much us. We knew there would be a lot of people and both sides of our face love to party. Therefore we knew we did not want anything fancy. No seating chart,no linen napkins- Just good music, good food, and lots of booze! Simple and southern was our goal and I think we nailed it. The whole night was perfect. Two families came together for a joyous occasion and those 2 families became 1.

My maid of honor, Lauren, gave the most PERFECT maid of honor speech ive ever heard in my life. I had a maid and matron of honor so I assumed that both would be memorable heartfelt speeches so when I heard Lauren break out in a Fresh Prince of BelAir rap I literally lost my mind! She was able to reminisce on all the stories Brian and I had told her over the years and create a speech/rap that perfectly summed up mine and Brians courtship. It goes without saying that her rap set the tone for the rest of the night and the dance floor stayed packed!

Now that we are husband and wife (That is still SO weird to say!) we are packing up to move to Charlotte, NC next week after being in Charleston, SC for 2 years. I received a job offer so we are going to give the city life a go for a while and see what happens from there!

Church : Pawleys Island Community Church Chapel || Reception : Winya Indigo Society Hall || Wedding Coordinator : Ginny Williams  || Videographer : Jason Wheeler Video || Florist : Greenskeeper Florist || Cake : Coccadots Bakery || Band :  Paperwork || Hair & Makeup : Beautiful Salon & Spa || Wedding Dress : Gown Boutique of Charleston || Rentals : Grand Rental Station || Photographer : Hannah Ruth Photography !!