Capture Every Moment of Your Wedding Day

You’ve been planning your wedding down to the tiniest details, so let me create the images that will last a lifetime! We’ll meet and discuss the plans a few times to ensure everything is just as you want it.

In addition to engagement photos, I’ll be right there with as you put on your gown, your old and new, your borrowed and blue. We’ll take photos with the wedding party, and of course, I’ll capture the glory of your “I do.”


What to Expect from Me, Your Wedding Photographer

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STEP 1: Book & Plan

You’ll book your engagement and bridal photos simultaneously. Once we’ve worked out the contracts and deposits (all online - easy peasy!), we’ll meet up to plan. This is also a time to get to know one another, so that I get the very best of you on your exciting day.

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STEP 2: Bridal Preview With Hair & Makeup

Two to three hours before we begin our 60-90 minute bridal session, you’ll have your trial hair and makeup done. We’ll take pre-wedding shots for you to have as a featured canvas or a bridal book at your reception, or to save time for other photos during the main event!

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Step 3: Final Prep & Wedding Planner

I’ll give you one more call to ensure everything is in order, and maybe gush a little about how gorgeous this is all going to be (because it is!). If you’re working with a wedding planner, I’ll also meet with them to make sure we create a smooth environment.

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Step 4: Going to the Chapel

...Or the beach! Wherever you’re getting ready, I’ll show up early to get shots of all the tiny details you’ve spent so much time and love on choosing. Your dress, your shoes, and all the little things that will make your day so unique.

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Step 5: Here Comes the Gallery

In no more than four weeks (enjoy your honeymoon!), I’ll have your gallery ready for you to view online. You’ll be able to digitally download and browse all of the high resolution images I collected during your wedding.


STEP 6: Create Your Album, Tell Your Story

You’ll get to see me one more time (hooray!) to decide how best to put your album together. Highlight the moments that meant the most to you, and tell the story of the beautiful day you’ll remember forever.


Most Memorable Wedding Moments


Your Investment

Wedding photos aren’t just about getting portraits to put on your mantle; they’re for making mementos for future you to look back on with pride, for building memories with your new spouse, and for showing your family and friends the strength of your bond. Not to mention, you look amazing - let’s celebrate that!