Myrtle Beach Destination Wedding

Mariah & Dehn met while she was still in undergrad. Mariah was in nursing school doing a rotation in the emergency department where Dehn was working as a paramedic. Mariah’s preceptor suggested they were a good match and insisted on giving me his phone number. Mariah didn’t take it, but she found him on Facebook and when she friend requested him he messaged her! That was over 3 years ago and they haven’t missed talking a day since. Mariah’s always told Dehn the first time she saw him she instantly thought, “I’m gonna marry him one day.” Myrtle Beach Destination Wedding!

In the Brides Words

“He’s by far the kindest person I’ve ever met, always putting my needs (and wants) before his. He got a second job when I told him I wanted to go to grad school so I didn’t have to work as much. Our vows said, “I will trust you with my dreams, and support you in fulfilling yours” which so much describes us and our devotion to fulfill our dreams together. We’re both in the medical field and very much connect over our stories. I also love that we can learn from each other. We’re always reviewing best practice articles and bouncing medical ideas off each other. I also love that he treats my cat with so much love. I’ve had my cat for 17 years (since I was 8) and Dehn loves him and cares for him almost as much as I do.

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We’ve gone to myrtle 4 times in the three years we’ve been together (which is a lot considering it’s a 12 hour car ride!). We have so much fun together at myrtle and I’ve said since I was 10 years old I wanted to get married at the beach. When we were talking about our wedding, we both had no doubt we wanted to get married in myrtle. There’s just something about it; the atmosphere, the memories, the beach itself that is so special to us.  -Mariah 🙂 ”

Officiant & Decor : Eric Hunt With Myrtle Beach Wedding Officiant || Dress: Davids Bridal || Hair & Makeup : MOMMY 🙂 || Flowers : Bright & Beautiful Flowers ||