Linsey & Michael Lowitzer’s Backyard Myrtle Beach Wedding! Elegant and Classy Events

It was the perfect day and weather for Linsey and Michael to tie the knot in Sunny Myrtle Beach! They were joined by close family and friends and their two beautiful puppies!! 🙂 

Michael and Linsey met during the US Army Basic Officer Leadership course in 2013, however they did not speak to often to one another. In 2015 the reconnected when Michael moved to CO. There first date was on a ski trip to Breckenridge CO, where Michael almost scared Linsey away by taking her to the top of a peak during blizzard conditions and the only options were double black diamonds!!!!!! It was her second time skiing!! But from there the rest was history!! 

Michael and Linsey feel more in love over the next year during numerous Rocky Mountain hikes, ski trips and vacations. In May 2015 while on a Disney Cruise, Michael got down on one knee and as Linsey to marry him! 

Michael says: Linsey is that type of girl that you don’t have to worry about day to day. She is able to take care of herself and isn’t one of those so called “prissy” chicks. I never have to worry when we are apart since she can handle her own. She can make friends easily and doesn’t need me to be around 24/7 which makes some of my other friends jealous when it comes to the amount of freedom I enjoy. All in all Linsey is that gal every guy is searching for but can never have, since there not willing to wait for that perfect one.

Linsey says: I love how adventurous Michael is, he is always willing to do anything and never complains. He never waists a minute of his life, and wakes me up at 5AM every morning to make sure I don’t miss any moments too. He is always striving to be a better man, partner, and friend. I love how great he is at communicating with me all the time through words or sometimes just looks. He is so much fun to be around and brings excitement and love into my life everyday.

Where we see ourselves in the next five years, traveling the the world, scuba diving, around the world, obtaining our masters degrees, volunteering overseas, and continuing to constantly strengthen our relationship.

Wedding Planner : Elegant and Classy Events || Videographer : Reel Events Media Productions   || Dj : Wally B ||  Caterer : Casablanca Catering  || Tent : Conway Rental Center || Cake : Coccadotts || Officiant : Bobby Blair || Hair & Makeup : Sweet Magnolia Beauties || Favors : Krispy Kreme Doughnuts || Valet : Tylar Miller with Shoreline Valet || Photography by Hannah Ruth Photography! 🙂