Janelle & Joshua get Married | Ocean Club Grand Dunes

Janelle & Joshua tied the knot in Sunny Myrtle Beach South Carolina! The wedding was Classy and Elegant with a twist of Vintage! & so many Do It Yourself Projects! The couple met because Janelle’s Brothers Best Friend was Joshua! The boys spent a lot of time together at Janelle’s home, and the two grew found of each other quickly! It took a while for Dustin (Janelle’s Bro) to let his guard down and allow them to date 🙂 And now they are one big happy family! 🙂 I love it!! 

The couple had their destination wedding in Myrtle Beach from Colorado because they wanted to keep it in the states, but also wanted to be on the beach. Janelle says there is something about the South that intrigues the two of them. When they found the Ocean Club Grand Dunes on the internet, they were SOLD! A fun fact about these two is they have never even been to Myrtle Beach before!!! 

The wedding is over… whats next?! Janelle and Joshua are going to continue building their Careers and hope to have children in a few years… They also have a trip planned to Greece in 2017! 

The flowers were absolutely beautiful ! They were ordered in Bulk and designed and created by Terri @ Lowes!! I mean wow! Great job! The cake was also designed by Lowes Food! Who would have thought!! They choose a nude color of buttercream with a rustic texture and added amnesia roses and white peonies. 

The guest book was another awesome touch to the wedding! It was hand made in Croatia and designed just for Janelle & Joshua! The vintage fountain pen and inkwell are from the early 1900’s.