Family Summer Session!

Family Summer Session!

Step into the magic of a Myrtle Beach family session with the talented photographer, Hannah Ruth! Embracing the enchantment of Golden Hour, Hannah Ruth Photography captures the essence of your family against the stunning backdrop of Myrtle Beach.

While 7-8pm may seem late for some families, it’s the golden hour, an absolute favorite for capturing the most captivating and ethereal moments. Opting for this timeframe not only means fewer people and less intense heat but also that golden, soft glow that makes your photos truly extraordinary. Though kids might be a bit tired or hungry, it’s all part of the vacation adventure. Hannah recommends bringing along some treats, like candy, crackers, or their favorite ice cream, to keep the spirits high. The featured family in this blog, for instance, brought bubbles and lollipops, resulting in pure joy and beautifully illuminated eyes. It’s these moments that make being a part of your family’s journey an absolute delight for Hannah Ruth.

Myrtle Beach family photographer

Choosing Hannah Ruth Photography as your Myrtle Beach family photographer ensures a seamless and delightful experience, capturing the essence of your family’s special moments with unparalleled skill and creativity. Hannah’s keen eye for detail, coupled with her passion for storytelling through images, guarantees stunning and authentic family portraits.

With a personalized approach, she takes the time to understand your unique dynamics. Ensuring that each photograph reflects the genuine connections within your family. Her expertise in utilizing the coastal beauty of Myrtle Beach as a backdrop results in breathtaking and timeless images. From beachside candid shots to thoughtfully composed family portraits. Hannah Ruth Photography combines professionalism with a warm and friendly demeanor, making the entire process enjoyable for families of all sizes. With a commitment to excellence, hiring Hannah Ruth Photography means entrusting your cherished memories to a skilled artist dedicated to creating lasting visual treasures for you and your loved ones.


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