Celebrating your little ones FIRST Birthday is a MUST!

Growing up in a small family who still used Film cameras, theres nothing i love more than sitting around looking at the fun pictures of me as a little girl, and my brother with his Eminem yellow dyed hair and mullet. Now a days with all the technology we have, not everyone “prints” their photographs anymore, especially if they are already on Facebook or Instagram, however all these pics we take of our loved ones will not always be on social media, and should be printed for memories that will last a lifetime! 

Next to my bed is about 20 scrap books that both my mother and I created and documented my life in. Even though i don’t look at these everyday, there are times I like to reach over and smile at the memories of where I grew up, my father, and the happy years that i didn’t have to pay bills! 🙂 

As an adult now, I love looking at pictures of me as a little girl and imagining what my children will look like. So weather you are a stay at home mom, or a full time working mom, make sure to document special times and memories of your loved ones, prints your photos, make a scrap book to give your child on their 18th birthday, just cherish everyday anyway you can! 

One great way you can do this is with Photography and Photographs and taking those extra couple dollars to hire a professional to give you high quality images that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Take the time to print all these Facebook posts and pictures of the neighborhood kids and be creative! I wanted to share something that is a great way to cherish your child’s first birthday! What  better than letting them try sugar for the FIRST time on their FIRST birthday?!! This is such a fun, happy and great way to document this special day! This session can get messy but who cares! You are only young once!! Here are a few cake smashes I have had the pleasure of photographing!! 🙂 🙂