Calligraphy by Bree Moore! Myrtle Beach South Carolina!

So .. Calligraphy is something that has caught my attention for quite some time!! Its just so beautiful, free and whimsical! I absolutely respect the talent and dedication these professionals have taken to learn such a beautiful art!  Im obsessed with Instagram videos… oh my gosh they are addicting! 

Well I had the pleasure of the talented Bree Moore’s company yesterday at the Studio.. She was so sweet and calm with me! She showed me different supplies she uses and explained how and why she used it.. She was open and honest with me and I learned a lot!!! The simplicity in her work is so creatively beautiful {OMGosh I sound so crazy but I don’t know how else to explain it!!!!} Bree is self taught and willing to share her talents with me, which is awesome! :

I am excited to work on more practice sheets and try new things.. Calligraphy is amazing and so cool to watch it be created.. — differentially not handwriting.. but like…. Hand art…? So cool! Y’all need to check out her facebook and all her awesome work!! I was lucky enough to photographer her in actions and show off some of her work to y’all!! Let me know what you think! Isn’t she so cute!?

Check out here facebook here!! — BREE MOORE FACEBOOK