Same-sex Caledonia fish and golf club
Same-sex Caledonia fish and golf club

Caledonian Golf Engagements : Love and laughter took center stage during the engagement photoshoot of Jessica and Lindsey. A session that truly deserves a special place on the blog. These two remarkable women not only possess humor and beauty in abundance but also exude love, care, and genuine warmth. As they embark on the journey towards marriage, their engagement photos become a testament to the joy and connection they share.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Caledonian Golf Club in Pawleys Island, SC, the photos capture the essence of their love amid the beautiful landscapedraped in long moss and bathed in golden light. The venue’s charm added an extra layer of beauty to an already magical evening. The chemistry between Jessica and Lindsey, evident in every frame, reflects not just the love between them but also the deep friendship. A friendship they’ve cultivated over the years.

What makes their story even more intriguing is the rivalry between their alma maters, Carolina and Clemson. As fans of their respective schools, the friendly banter and tension in their household on game days must be palpable. It’s these unique aspects that make their relationship special and add layers to the vibrant tapestry of their love story.

Caledonian Golf and Fish Club Engagements

I am honored to be part of their big day.  And eagerly anticipate capturing the happy tears and joy! all in all, these will undoubtedly unfold. The camaraderie and genuine connection between Jessica and Lindsey promise a wedding day filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable moments. Let the countdown to the celebration begin – here’s to the love and happiness that awaits these two incredible brides-to-be! 📷💍💕