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Hello and Welcome!!! I’m Hannah Ruth, a Myrtle Beach, SC photographer specializing in weddings, families, and senior portraits. Not only do I have a passion for capturing beautiful moments, but I also love sharing my knowledge and helping other photographers unlock their potential. After 10+ years in the industry, I've mastered some insider secrets, and now I'm ready to spill the beans! And if that's not enough, I'm also a proud mom to two incredible boys who inspire me daily!

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"Hannah is an absolute delight to work with! Her no-nonsense attitude and complete transparency make learning a blast. For a fun and stress-free way to dive into photography without getting bogged down in technicalities, she's the one you want by your side! Get ready for an exhilarating learning journey!"

"fun and stress-free way to dive into photography"

Are you tired of missing out on clients because midday bright sunlight scares you?! Do you want to conquer harsh light, book back-to-back clients, and stop revolving your life around the golden hour? If that's a yes, then these 5 secrets will change your life!
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