Beach Photography Myths
Beach Photography Myths

Beach Photography Myths

5 Beach Photography Myths I Used to Believe When I Started Family and Senior Beach Photography

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Facts vs. Myths about beach photography

1. Sunrise and Sunset are the ONLY two times you can take good photos {golden hour} at the beach.

Beach Photography Myths Fail #1 – Don’t fall for the biggest lie in the book! I’m tired of hearing it; it will cost you a fortune! Shooting only at sunrise and sunset is a thing of the past; you can shoot ANY TIME of the day with the right tools and tricks – and honestly, who wants to wake up at the crack of dawn anyway?!!

Family beach photos in harsh light

2. You are new to the biz, still learning, and shouldn’t charge a lot – shoot – do it for free to get experience.

You are worth so much more! By setting clear expectations, demanding what you’re truly worth, and being picky with the free gigs you take on, you’ll establish yourself as a confident and worthy professional. And trust me, the people who always want freebies usually appreciate it the least. It’s time to put an end to that nonsense! Photography is expensive!

Photoshoots in Myrtle Beach

3. Before even saying hello to your family, run to your computer and send your clients a sneak peek – because their impatience is clearly more important than your personal life.

Oh, the endless grind of work! I used to be caught up in it, neglecting precious time with my family and friends. But you know what? Your clients can wait a bit for their sneak peeks, whether it’s a few hours or the next day. Make it a priority to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, especially after being away on a shoot for hours on end. Set clear boundaries and create designated business hours. Stick to them! Your family will thank you.

Myrtle Beach Photoshoots

4. Don’t think about being creative – you must follow all those boring “Photography Rules.” Creativity is just wrong!

Breaking the rules is a blast! I mean, who doesn’t love a little rebellion? Plus, it unleashes your creativity and lets you rock your unique style. Once you understand the rules, break ’em purposefully, and be in control! Trust me, it’ll give your work that extra oomph and make you stand out!

Now, I’m not saying go smash a glass bottle bottle or trespass on someone’s lawn. But if you want a light and ethereal vibe, always try to capture it perfectly in the camera. Overexpose your images, crank up the Kelvin to add warmth, or shoot a big group at 2.0 for that dreamy, blurred background. Follow your heart!

Beach Family Photography harsh light

5. My clients hired me for beach photos, so the beach HAS TO BE in every photo; even if it looks terrible, I’ll fix it in Photoshop.

Yes, they hired you to take some beach photos, right?! Well, here’s the deal – before you start freaking out about the background, blown-out skies, squinting eyes, and too many people in the background, make sure your client is looking and feeling fabulous first! I’m talking about confidence and beauty! Experiment with the wind and light to make them feel like superstars. Trust me, it’s way more important to feel and look amazing than to worry about what’s in the background of your photos.

And here’s a pro tip – shooting down the beach gives you a way prettier backdrop than just the plain old ocean. So, move around, snap tons of pics, and prepare to be absolutely mind-blowing!

Oh, and never, ever say the word photoshop!! Don’t ever give yourself more work to do, especially if it’s avoidable!

Senior Photography in Harsh Light

6. You’ve got this! You’re absolutely amazing! Have faith in yourself and always strive to be the best version of yourself!

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